GEarth Mascots and Sign Language

We have the Mascot for the Gearth program and a global “GEarth Sign Language” to introduce for supporting the theme and purpose of GEarth.

Mascot “Tree Girl & Bobo Bee” together represent GEarth purposes. Tree girl is a female character and Bobo is a Male bee or drone. Tree Girl with her Friend Bobo Bee start their journey to spread the awareness regarding environment, tree plantation and saving bee’s life. Three girl and Bobo will also spread words of peace, raise voice for world crisis, save the mother Earth and aware people.

From every country around the world GEarth will select tree girls and Bobo Bee.

Tree Girl

Hi! I am Tree Girl from Bangladesh! I have got Earth Power to Protect and save Bangladesh and our Mother Earth. Do you know some human are destroying environment and killing the mother Earth? If you feel the high temperature and sweating in winter that’s because Earth is becoming hotter for climate change! Earth is crying. She is our mother and she protected us! It’s time we protect her and save her from Bad People. Join our team! Be the Guardian of the Earth – “Guardian Leader”.

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Happy day!!! I am Bobo Bee. I am best friend of Tree Girl. She saved me from some bad man. Since then I’m helping Tree Girld to save bees, nature and the world. Do you know without me no plant can reproduce? I pollinate our plants and help plants to reproduce. We need your help. Please join us and be the Guardian of the Earth- “Guardian leader.

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Apply to be a Tree Girl & Bobo Bee

You can make a pair of male and female and apply to be the Tree Girl and Bobo Bee to represent your country and work to save the environment

GEarth Sign Language

We have a sign language for GEarth! A sign language of shed will be showed to create mass support for GEarth theme and purpose. The sign means Unity and shelter to the world as Guardian Leaders