World Record 2023

RECORD ATTEMPT: The Biggest Environmental Movement through Building “World Green Human Wall” -human chain of green lovers in 8 Divisions of Bangladesh and 6 Continents for 26 minutes out of 24 hours, on 26th March Independence day of Bangladesh, will be the Record Attempt of GEarth 2023 Program organized by Global Law Thinkers Society (GLTS) in collaboration with the World Book of Records UK.

GEARTH Summary: Guardian of the Earth (GEarth) is a global program is uniting Bangladeshi & global youth to take part in climate action to combat climate change, save environment, establish peace and give financial freedom. Read Detail

SLOGAN:  “Green War Green is Freedom
THEME: Together Combat for Climate Change”

MISSION: Collect Fund and Plant 1 Million Trees by 2023

COUNTRY LEADING: Bangladesh will lead the human chain and connect all continents of the world.


1. Collect Fund to Plant 1 Million Trees
2.Unite Global Youth to Combat Climate Change
3. Create Environmental Awareness
4.Inspire Youth for Tree Plantation
5. Give Environmental Movement Platform for Youth.
6.Ensure Policymakers and politicians’ participation and commitment to climate action
7.Sow seed of Green Leadership in the heart of all youth to commit to Restore Green World.
8.GEarth will attempt a world record in every country every year related to environmental restoration.


  1. One million trees can help provide clean oxygen for 500,000 families, reduce pollution and help to combat global warming.
  2. One million youth engagement for combating the climate change.
  3. Mindset and behavioural change in youth towards environment
  4. Establish Environment Rights.
  5. Mass Awareness

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