GYCE5 Jury Member Farha Mahmud Trina

GYCE5 Jury Member Farha Mahmud Trina

Ms Farha Mahmud Trina is A Teacher, an Entrepreneur,a Philanthropist and A mother of a special need child, believes everyone on this planet is uniquely created to reach his or her maximum potential.

She has been an avid promoter of all the goodness in girl power & whenever possible despite all odds she extends her support to young women entrepreneurs, mothers elderly of the society. Born & brought up in a military family Farha spent most of her young life in different military bases of the county. She is a graduate from University of Chittagong .Farha has a long career as an educator where she taught in Scholastica. Currently she works in AUSIS.

Farha owns a premium clothing brand named as “Trina’s Closet” which employees mostly women with handcraft skills.Juggling among her many roles & duties daily she manages time to share & exchange her values & experience with anyone who is keen to learn from her. She uses both mainstream & digital media to reach out & connect with Bangladeshi women all across different platforms. She also has a remarkable career as a host & news presenter in various TV channels.

She is a social activist and Director to YouthCash wing of Global Law thinkers Society.

Her Favourite Quote : “I don’t waste time thinking or chasing equality, rather I Believe each of us is unique ,enhancing respect for uniqueness regardless of gender is my mission. And I believe Women are Power “

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